Simple installation of your camera like 1,2,3 without wires.

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Saferexpert Solar Wireless Outdoor Smart Security Camera R1
Saferexpert Wireless 30× Optical Zoom Outdoor Smart Security Spherical Camera Q8
Saferexpert Wireless Adjustable 2K Smart Battery Camera - SCV1
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1% of Saferexpert's sales per order will go directly to the cause chosen by our customers, to help a stranger, friends or neighborhood to build their safe house.

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A solid choice for a 4G solar powered camera with affordable 4G card...



We Stared Small

In 2008, I followed mr dreams and began Saferexpert with 6 passionate partners.
We've defined our mission - to make safety easy, make safety solid, and make life fun for every family. Our commitment to excellence and our drive to be the best quickly put us on a trajectory toward something much bigger.