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5 Tips to Protect Your Home

5 Tips to Protect Your Home

#1 Install a camera on the porch
The porch is an easily overlooked place. Many people only monitor the surrounding or inside the house, and the porch is also a very important place. Install a camera that can monitor the entire porch. If you find that there are often suspicious people wandering around the porch to investigate the situation of your home, then you have to be careful.
#2 Set a home security system
If you want to know what's going on at home at any time, it is necessary to set up a home security system. Buy more cameras, or buy an nvr kit, and install the camera in a suitable place. Together with doorbell cameras, motion detectors, door and window detectors and other smart objects, your home can be fully protected.
#3 Install a video doorbell
The doorbell is a necessity for every family. Today, when smart products are everywhere, the doorbell certainly needs to be smart. Now the doorbell can have a camera to help you monitor the situation outside the door at all times. When a person's activity is detected, the mobile app will also send you a notification, so that you don't miss a visitor.
#4 buy a good quality door lock
In addition to smart devices, door locks must also be prepared. The camera can only give you reminders or warnings, but if you fail to check the notifications in time, a solid door lock is a very important means of protection. Don't let a thief easily enter your house. A high-quality door lock can extend the time it takes for him to break in. You still have time to take action!
#5 Know your neighbors
Whether you have just moved into this house or have lived for a long time, it is important to know your neighbors. Fully understand what kind of people live near your home, as well as the safety and environment of the community. If you live in a friendly environment, this is of course the best thing. If the neighbors do not get along well, then it is necessary to think of precautions early.
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