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The Difference Between DVR and NVR, Which is The Best Choice in 2021?

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The main difference between NVR and DVR is how they process video data and the camera they use. The DVR system processes the video data on the video recorder, while the NVR system processes and encodes the video on the camera. NVR systems use IP cameras and DVR systems use analog cameras and coax-based cameras.

Therefore, the recording effect of the DVR depends on the compression algorithm and chip processing capabilities of the camera and the DVR itself, while the recording effect of the NVR mainly depends on the IPcamera, because the output of the IPcamera is digital compression video, when the video reaches the NVR, no analog-to-digital conversion is required. There is no need for compression, just storage, and decompression is only needed when displaying and replaying.

This article allows me to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of NVR and DVR in detail and help you find the best outdoor wireless security camera system.


We will list the differences between DVR and NVR in the table below, so that you can fully understand their differences.

Camera and video data processing

NVR and IP camera work together, POE camera or WIFI camera, DVR and analog camera work together.
In the NVR system, the camera processes the video data, and transmits the processed video to the NVR via the network. You can also choose to store the video remotely with a mobile phone. The working mode of the DVR system is that the analog camera collects analog data and transmits it to the DVR, and the DVR converts the analog signal into a digital signal.

Cabling and port

The interface of the NVR system is usually RJ45 or WIFI connection (2.4Ghz is more stable, the transmission distance is longer, and the glass wall has the greatest interference to the wireless signal)

The interface of the DVR system is a coaxial interface (wire stripping is required), and a power cord and a coaxial cable are required at the same time.

Image quality

NVR systems have better image quality, which is difficult for DVR systems to achieve. Note (Don't blindly chase high resolution, many manufacturers report false resolutions. If it is a real resolution, 1080P is enough for home use. For example, if you buy a 4K camera, you have to consider whether your monitor resolution has 4K. If not, This will make no sense), videos recorded at higher resolutions will take up more memory. The good news is that IP cameras using H.265 encoding technology will obviously store more videos while preserving video quality.


The IP camera itself records audio and video. Most Saferexpert cameras even integrate a two-way voice intercom function. You can not only receive real-time voice, but also talk to the outside world through the speaker.
However, for the DVR, to record sound is difficult because the analog video signal does not support voice transmission, and to have sounds in the video, we need to add an audio RCA connector to the DVR, which requires additional installation.


As long as there is a network available, you can place the NVR anywhere. Saferexpert most NVR systems use wireless cascading technology, which means that each camera is a signal repeater, which greatly increases the transmission distance, so there is no need to worry about signal problems. In contrast, the DVR system can only be within a distance of 300 feet due to the limitation of the coaxial cable.

User experience

The installation of the NVR system is very simple, especially the WIFI NVR system. Saferexpert's NVR system is plug and play, and the camera and NVR will be directly paired automatically. All you need to do is to provide a socket for each IP camera, then power on the NVR and connect to the router to complete the installation.
The installation and wiring of the DVR system is very troublesome and cumbersome, and the installation partners know it. . .

For the NVR system, you can easily use it on your mobile phone or PC. You can even share it with your family and use it anytime and anywhere at the same time. The DVR system cannot do this.

NVR systems usually have more practical functions, such as face recognition, motion detection, human figure filtering, sound detection, two-way voice, custom alarm sounds, and so on. The NVR system can easily do this, but the DVR system does not.

Summary of the main advantages and disadvantages of NVR and DVR

Advantages of NVR CCTV:

1、High image quality.

2、Simple wiring and installation.

3、More powerful functions.

4、Long-distance transmission.

5、Support mobile phone to view video remotely and receive notifications.

6、Video with audio natively/two-way audio

Disadvantages of NVR CCTV:

1、Generally more expensive

2、It takes more time to familiarize yourself with many new features.

Advantages of DVR CCTV:

1、 Cheaper
2.、Simpler software functions

Disadvantages of DVR CCTV:

1、Wiring and installation are troublesome and cumbersome

2、Lower image quality

3、Shorter distance

4、Can't record audio or need more cables

Why saferexpert SCN1

1、Economical and affordable:As an 8CHNVR package, it can be equipped with four or eight IP cameras, and comes with a 10-inch LCD display, which is economical and affordable. In fact, if you use local storage, you will not incur any costs, which is a very smart choice in the long run.

2、High-quality images and perfect night vision effects. True 1080P high definition, H.265 encoding technology, brings you the ultimate sense of experience and takes up less memory. Dual-light source low-light camera, you can choose infrared black and white night vision and color night vision, you can shoot clear images under extremely low illumination. (Cameras without night vision are useless!)

3、More advanced functionality. AI face recognition and capture, easy access to criminals' face images, intelligent detection and alarm system, including human figure filtering, area detection, motion detection, custom alarm voice, mobile phone remote push notification, remote viewing video and so on. Of course, two-way voice intercom can also be used, and the light flashes to warn. To adapt to indoor and outdoor environments, this system is enough for home security. For more information, please click to view.


Actually, I'll recommend NVR systems to anyone who wants to have a higher level of security in home or business, since you'll have so much more to gain with just a little more cost these days.



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