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What is an IP security camera? What are its advantages?

What is an IP camera ?

    IP network camera is a digital device based on network transmission. IP cameras are based on analog cameras and integrate video compression and network processing modules, so they are compatible with the characteristics of analog cameras and video servers.

What are its advantages?

     In recent years, we really feel that the popularity of network cameras has greatly increased. The nature of the advantages of network cameras has not changed: provide clearer and high-quality images, and make video surveillance more intelligent through close integration with the network. And with the advancement of technology, these advantages and characteristics have been further strengthened, and become more prominent and remarkable.

   1. Performance-price ratio: The required equipment is extremely simple. The control of the system is realized by the back-end software system, which saves a lot of equipment in the traditional analog monitoring system, such as expensive matrix, screen splitter, switcher, video to network Host and so on. Because the image is transmitted through the integrated wiring network, a large number of video coaxial cables are omitted, and the cost is reduced.

  2.Network remote monitoring: The network-based network high-definition monitoring system can achieve the purpose of remote monitoring, whether using local wifi or remote 3G/4G network, as long as the Internet can be covered, you can access the camera through the IP address or account password.

3. Powerful operation functions: multiple display forms; multi-screen intelligent inspection; multiple early warning forms; video recording methods such as real-time, punctuality, alarm trigger, start and stop at any time; photo capture and printing; intelligent fast video playback and query. AI intelligent detection: human form detection, motion detection, cry detection, portrait recognition, etc.

4.Brings extremely high image details: One of the advantages of a network camera is that it enables video surveillance to surpass the resolution and frame rate limitations of the traditional PAL/NTSC system, bringing high-definition video with extremely high image details. Even a 1 million pixel network camera provides nearly three times the resolution of an analog CCTV camera, and a high-end network camera can provide a resolution of up to 5 million pixels or even larger.

6.Improve bandwidth and transmission capacity: As for the most important bandwidth issue of network cameras, the emergence of the H.264 technical standard provides a new way to effectively utilize bandwidth. The new generation of compression technology H.264 has matured, and chips that support H.264 compression coding can already support 1080P full frame rate video output and have been fully applied in network camera products.

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