what you should know about low power consumption security camera

What You Should Know About Low Power Consumption/solar powered Security Camera

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Outdoor cameras have been widely used in residential areas and play an important role in protecting family safety. But many families find it troublesome to connect the wires when installing the camera.

Therefore, families will choose to use wireless cameras, we have introduced this product before. Wireless cameras are generally solar powered or battery powered. Some have both power supply functions. This time we will introduce low-power cameras among outdoor cameras.

outdoor wireless and solar powered security camera

What should you pay attention to when choosing a battery-powered camera? First of all, this is an outdoor camera, so the waterproof factor is very important. If the camera needs to work normally in extreme weather, then the IP65 waterproof factor is necessary. IP65 is also the highest standard for outdoor cameras. Saferexpert's outdoor cameras can meet this standard and can handle any weather.

IP65 waterproof function makes it work in any bad weather

In terms of power supply, low-power cameras are equipped with a solar panel and built-in batteries. The working life of the battery is an important factor you need to consider. In order to make the camera work longer, you need to avoid frequent battery replacement. Therefore, it is best to choose a camera with a flexible power supply mode. Saferexpert R1 has a built-in 14400mAh battery, and solar panel. It can obtain uninterrupted power from batteries and solar panels to maintain working power. How do I know if the battery is low? You can see the battery level on the mobile app, and it will give you a reminder.

solar-powered and battery powered security camera

How can low-power cameras help you monitor the safety of your home? Our low-power products are in a dormant state when there are no special circumstances around. However, when it detects movement, it will be awakened. The Saferexpert S20 type of PTZ camera will immediately follow the moving object. And send a message to your phone. Don't miss any suspicious activity. Saferexpert R1 has a color night vision function and a sensor light. At night, if it detects people passing by, it will emit lights to illuminate moving objects. And black and white night vision will be automatically converted into color night vision. Let you see the monitoring screen better.

Having said that, come to Saferexpert to find the right camera for you. Smart and save money. It’s certainly a must-have item. 

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