Saferexpert Wireless HD 5× Optical Zoom Outdoor Smart Security Spheric

Saferexpert Wireless HD 5× Optical Zoom Outdoor Smart Security Spherical Camera Q7

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Add home security anywhere around your home with amazing optical zoom camera. Help you protect your home day or night-rain or shine. With HD video,two-way audio,motion detection,AI humanoid detection,sound detection,etc. PTZ camera brings peace of mind when you need it most.

Note: Your personal info will be property stored on CamHi/CamHipro, a bank-level safety application, with no extra fee. 4G+WIFI customized models need to be shipped within 3~5 days than regular products.

How to configure the network for the WIFI+4G version of the camera?

Configure the WIFI network: power on the camera---connect the phone to the camera hotspot named IPCAM...---open the CamHipro APP and follow the prompts to add the camera---settings---WIFI setting---Select the WIFI you want to configure, enter the WIFI password and you are done.

Configure 4G network: power on the camera---connect the phone to the camera hotspot named IPCAM...---open the CamHipro APP and follow the prompts to add the camera---settings---WIFI setting--- Select the 4G hotspot named MIFI... and enter the password. (Note: Contact us for the password, if the 4G hotspot named MIFI... is not refreshed, please reset the camera and reconfigure)



Ask a Question
  • Does this camera has built in microphone for audio?

    Yes, it has a two-way audio function, and the power supply we are equipped with comes with a high-power speaker, the sound is very loud, of course the sound can be adjusted.

  • Can I use cameras at multiple sites, and monitor them through the app?

    Yes, you can use cameras at multiple phones, and monitor them through the Free App "CamHipro".

  • How far is the night vision?

    390 feet. Equipped with high-power infrared light, it can provide clear and full-color images even under weak starlight.

  • Does it have an automatic cruise function?

    hi,yes,it has the automatic cruise function.

  • can this camera be mounted on a bracket?

    It has a metal mounting base. You can fix the base on the wall first, then hang the camera and screw on the screws. The installation is very simple.

  • Can you set the range (both length and width) of the detection so that it doesn\'t monitor every car that passes or moving tree branch?

    Yes, the detection area can be drawn in the application, pay attention to adjust the detection sensitivity.

  • Can it play a prerecorded message when it detects motion.

    Yes, you can set the alarm sound as a siren, dog bark or custom recording in the Camhipro app. At the same time, you can also draw alarm areas to prevent false alarms.

  • What wireless networks is this compatible with in the United States?

    WIFI version---Q7 can connect with any WIFI (2.4Ghz only).
    4G version--- only need a 4g SIM card (not 5G, there is a signal in your area)


    Q7 does not have a built-in heater. We currently do not have an external heating device on sale. We will try to solve this problem. Our S30 wireless solar camera can adapt to the environment of -30℃~60℃. Thank you for your question.


5x Optical Zoom & Pan and Tilt

The professional security camera with a 5x optical zoom function means that no pixels are lost after zooming in. License plate numbers, faces and other details can be clearly captured clearly. With pan 355° and tilt 92° function, provide a 360° guardian.

Ultra-low-light Cam & Brilliant Night Vision

The ultra-low-light security camera provides brilliant night vision. Even under the faint starlight, it can still capture a clear color picture. Built-in high-power infrared lights. Night vision distance up to 390feet, perfect to guard at night.

Full HD & H.265 Encoder

Real definition, 1080P full HD(5MP optional). The picture that the camera captured almost has no burrs. H.265 high-efficiency encoder occupies less memory to save the video more clearly.

Multi Platforms & Cloud Storage+Local Storage & WIFI/4G Version

Support iOS, Android and PC to view remotely, as long as there is a network that can be connected. Anytime and anywhere. There are 4G or WIFI versions to choose from. Support cloud storage and local TF card storage (128GB U3 is recommended). Note: Cloud storage service is chargeable, you can try it for 30 days free. And the use of TF card local storage will not incur any costs.

Motion Detection

When someone, a vehicle or other moving objects access to monitoring area, the camera will immediately send a notification to the CamHipro APP. The device designed with a siren so you can also choose to have the speaker sound a warning (alarm, dog bark or custom recording). 

Sound Detection

When the sound around the camera is higher than the normal range, the camera will immediately send a notification to the CamHipro APP. And the speaker will not sound an alarm. When the sound is abnormal, you can view it remotely on your phone after receiving the notification.

Two Way Audio

With the clear and loud voice intercom (adjustable volume), you can communicate with visitors and family members at any place without barriers.

AP Hotspot

Support AP hotspot connection, you can still connect the camera to your phone to view video when the camera is disconnected from the Internet. (Note: if your camera is connected by AP hotspot, you may can not watch real-time video in the place where the AP signal cannot be received. Stay near to the camera.)

Auto Cruise

Set the key monitoring positions in advance, and the camera will automatically cruise to monitor multiple positions at the same time without leaving blind spots.

Custom Detection Area

Avoid setting places where have a large number of people as detection areas to prevent continuous alarms. And keep detecting key locations. (Note: Adjust the sensitivity, detection area. And test it to the appropriate value)

Humanoid Detection & Loud Alarm

The alarm will only be triggered when a human motion is detected. Effectively reducing false alarms caused by disturbances from other objects, such as small animal movements and changes in light, etc.(Note: You need to turn off the motion detection function to use this function normally)The power supply is equipped with a loudspeaker, a powerful deterrent to bad people.

Remarkable Quality

IP66 waterproof and dust-proof. The aluminum alloy shell of the camera helps to dissipate heat so that it can operate efficiently. Adapt to any inclement weather.

Easy Installation & Connection

Equipped with metal bracket, install the base and then hang the security camera on the base. Then tighten the screws.

Recommended connection method: power on the camera and wait for the self-check for about 30 seconds. After the self-check is completed, use the mobile phone to connect to the hotspot named IPxxx from the camera (if you can't find it, please press the reset button). Open the CamHipro APP, it will automatically search for the camera and add. Then enter the WIFI name and password, the connection is successful. (After that, no matter what network the mobile phone is connected to, the video can be viewed remotely).