The selection elements of home outdoor cameras

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    Many people buy a camera when families are often plagued by the choice of what kind, so finishing this article, I hope to give somebody in the choice of home monitoring more than some reference.

The selection elements of home outdoor cameras

    Different from indoor monitoring, outdoor monitoring usually requires a wider range of monitoring, higher night vision requirements, and more complex external conditions, so the selection needs to be more detailed. Here are a few factors that need to be focused:

1. Lens focal length

simply put:The larger the focal length of the lens, the farther you can see, the smaller the viewing angle range, and the smaller the focal length, the closer you see, the larger the viewing angle range. The following picture can be used as a simple reference

In addition, there are some optical zooms, which can adjust the size of the lens according to the scope of the monitoring scene, which is more flexible and convenient. For the situation where there are multiple points to be monitored but only one camera is required, an optical zoom camera can be considered.

2. Waterproof and dustproof

Outdoor monitoring inevitably has to face various extreme weather and environments, so waterproof and dustproof is also our priority.

For outdoor cameras, at least ensure that they meet the IP66 or above standard, that is, they can completely prevent dust intrusion and withstand the impact of continuous high-pressure water jets, so as to ensure that outdoor cameras are not afraid of wind and rain.

3. Night vision function

Outdoor surveillance usually has higher requirements for night vision. At present, most of the mainstream surveillance cameras on the market support infrared night vision, and there is also full-color night vision. When the ambient light is extremely low or even no light, the fill light will be automatically turned on to achieve full color day and night.

4. Storage method

At present, the storage methods of surveillance cameras mainly include memory card, hard disk video recorder storage, and cloud storage.

Only one outdoor surveillance cameras, video storage period of less demanding situations, it is recommended to select the memory card storage, which is the most cost-effective storage.

The storage of hard disk video recorder requires separate configuration of hard disk video recorder and hard disk, and the cost will be increased. But in contrast, the storage capacity is much higher, and it supports multi-channel camera input, which is also convenient for centralized storage and centralized viewing.

Cloud storage, almost every manufacturer will provide this service. Cloud storage is usually charged according to the storage period and usage period, and the cost is relatively high.

However, since the video is stored in the cloud, it is not easy to be damaged, which is convenient for investigation and evidence collection. If the video file security requirements are high, you can consider using both local storage and cloud storage.

 5. Power supply mode

At present, the power supply modes of surveillance cameras mainly include power supply, network cable power supply, battery power supply, and solar power supply.

There are three main ways of supplying network for surveillance cameras: network cable, wireless, and flow card.

For outdoor monitoring, power supply and network can often be considered together, for example:

1. It is recommended to choose a camera with power supply and WIFI supply in situations where it is not far away from the room and it is convenient to pull electricity, such as balconies, gates, indoor courtyards, surrounding villas, etc.

2. For some situations where the monitoring range is very wide and it is not convenient to pull electricity, such as large farms, fish ponds, orchards, etc., you can choose solar + battery power supply, flow card power supply mode to achieve monitoring.

6. Intelligent function

1. Automatic cruise: Outdoor monitoring generally needs to focus on a relatively large range. The automatic cruise function enables the camera to automatically cruise through a certain sequence and cycle time interval, so as to achieve multi-point and large-scale monitoring, especially suitable for orchards, Scenes such as farms and fish ponds.

2. Motion detection: Precisely determine whether there is movement in the monitoring screen, intelligently distinguish invalid false alarms, making the alarm function more practical, and can be pushed to the bound mobile phone in time.

3. Sound and light warning: When someone illegally breaks into the dangerous area, the camera detects the person's intrusion, and can be linked with sound and light alarm to effectively deter theft from happening.

4. Two-way voice intercom: When an abnormal situation occurs, the local two-way voice intercom function can be used to take quick and effective response measures to various emergencies to avoid losses.

At the same time,'' provides more intelligent detection functions, such as human shape detection, human shape tracking, motion tracking, sound detection and face recognition, etc., which greatly improves the practicality of the camera.

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