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4 Benefits of 24/7 Monitoring You Should Know

Installing a 24/7 home security system is important to every family. You can never pay for peace of mind. Knowing your house is protected in case of break in or CO poisoning allows you receive peace. Any triggered detectors will send an immediate alert to you phone when something wrong. It’s a must-have for family. And here are advantages of 24/7 monitoring.


24/7 Coverage

24/7 monitoring connects your home security system via network. No matter where you are, you can monitor your house by viewing pictures or live video. And you can even view playback on App for knowing what happened in your home. Not only at day, the monitoring works at night with a clear or color night vision. Viewing what’s happening in your home, anywhere and anytime.


Detect Suspicious Activity

Your home is monitored whether you are at home, at work or on trip. The 24/7 monitoring will never ignore any alarm or suspicious activity. If someone entering or leaving the home, your phone will receive an alert, so burglars will be more likely to be caught. Knowing your home is being monitored, your home will less likely being a target.


Fast Response Time

If a home reaches a dangerous level of carbon monoxide exposure, the detector will be triggered. Then a notification will be send to your phone immediately, which allows you take actions in time. Response time will be dramatically cut down to handle. Moreover, burglars don’t take any time off. You can get notified instantly when there is a break in, and ensure your home is safe.


Peace of Mind

The biggest benefit of 24/7monitoring is the peace of mind. Imagine that you’re out for work or having a long trip for days, but you will never worry about your home safety. Cause you know you have an eye in the house, that monitoring what happened instead of you. And you can know everything through App, two-way audio, live steam or playback. So enjoy your trip, 24/7 monitoring will protect your home.



Nobody can promise home burglars will not occurs. But with 24/7 monitoring, most burglars will stay away from your home. And as a home security detector, the monitoring works day and night. No suspicious activity is ignored. So just enjoy your own work, and live easier and safer.

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