5 Reasons to Own a Security Camera

5 Reasons to Own a Security Camera

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#1 Know What Happened on the Home
Having a security camera at home is like having a 24/7 security housekeeper at home. Whether you are at home or outside, it will work diligently and monitor every corner of the house. You can go out with peace of mind, whether you are going on vacation, work or shopping, as long as your mobile phone is connected to the Internet, you can check the situation at home at any time. Anytime and anywhere. If there is an intrusion of thieves or other suspicious activities at home, your mobile phone will immediately receive notifications so that you can take immediate action to avoid losses.

pan 355° and tilt 120°, detect everywhere
#2 Working, Meanwhile Look after Baby
Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, most people are now forced to work from home. Many things will affect your work, especially a family with a baby at home. When your baby sleeps in the room and you work in the living room, you may worry that the child will wake up without knowing when. If you install a camera in the baby room-a camera with two-way conversation function, you will know immediately when your child is crying. You can use your mobile phone to communicate with your baby. It does not affect the work, but also takes care of the children at the first time.

works as a baby monitor
#3 Tease Pets When You Are Out
If you have a cat or dog at home, you will always miss it when you are not at home. I don’t know what it is doing at home, whether it’s making trouble at home... Yes, you can use the camera to observe what your pet is doing at home when you go out. If you miss your furry baby too much, you can talk to it through the camera. Call it a few times and tell it you miss it.

messy dog
#4 Live a Hand-free Life
You may not know it, most of the current smart cameras can work with Google Assistant and Alexa. Connect the camera to these home smart devices, and you can free your hands. Just say show me the backyard to them, and the backyard picture will appear on the screen. See if your dog or child is having fun and doing dangerous things. Enjoy smart life

support Google Assisstant and Amazon Alexa
#5 A New Decoration
In modern life, everyone has more or less smart devices in their homes. Indoor cameras can also become a popular decoration. It can be fully integrated into the modern decoration style of your home, even in the classical style, it looks completely unobtrusive. Do you want more fun? Then try to dress yourself up. Stick a sticker and cover a plastic protective shell. Use your imagination on the camera

saferexpert camera fits your home very well

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