Can security cameras work through glass?

Can Security Cameras Work Through Windows or Glass?

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On certain occasions, we just want to put on a surveillance security camera in the window to monitor the front door, backyard. It's convenient but usually there's a window glass in front of the camera. So do security cameras work through window glass?

What problems when you place the cameras inside and through window glass? What can we do to solve these problems? Le's take a closer look at the problems and answers.

Problems If Security Cameras Are Used Through Windows Glass

During the daytime, the camera will work fine, but at night, the common issues is the windows galre. The window glare will cause images whiteout or video is covered by the white light, which makes it can't get details.

Another common issue is motion detection & motion-triggered recording might not work through glass.

Do security cameras work through glass?

At night, security cameras rely on infrared lights to capture images, and cameras with color night vision rely on white lights. Both infrared light and white light will be reflected by the glass so that people cannot see the video clearly.


  • Turn off the infrared light, white light and status indicator of the security camera. This will really reduce the reflection of the glass light. Then install motion-activated lights or infrared lights outside to illuminate the front door, backyard. (If you don't have this plan, keep your security camera's IR lights)
  • Position the camera lens as close to clean glass as possible.
  • Do not place the lens of the security camera vertically against the glass, and tilt it at an angle to effectively reduce reflections.
  • Keep the room as dark as possible, so the camera can better capture the light outside.

saferexpert security with color night vision.

Do motion detection and recording still work through glass?

There are two types of motion sensors for security cameras/systems. One is measuring changes in pixels, and another is the PIR motion sensor, which detects body heat and infrared energy, Such as people, animals, cars and other objects with temperature.

Security cameras use a motion sensor that measures changes in pixels will be able to detect movement and record through glass well.

PIR detection may not work well through glass, as most glass nowadays has thermal insulation which would disrupt motion detection.


In fact, PIR detection is better than detection that measures pixel changes. The PIR system can effectively reduce false detections and save you from ineffective alarm sounds.

So put on the camera outside is a better way if you really need PIR detection. Soffit, overhang, ledge, exterior are all the good choice.

I believe that through the above introduction you already know how security cameras work through glass. If you read this article and still don’t understand, please communicate with us via
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