the difference between ptz camera and bullet camera

The Difference of PTZ Camera and Bullet Camera

If you search security camera, you will find there are many kinds of cameras. They can be all classified as speed dome camera(also known as PTZ camera) and bullet camera. You know what's the difference between them? Let's have a look.

1. Appearance

The appearance of the bullet camera is similar to a long square or a long cylinder, and the installation method is to install it on the wall with a bracket. Usually there is a waterproof protective cover, you can ask when you buy it.

PTZ cameras are generally oval, with a bracket and pan/tilt. The installation method is mainly installed on the wall or on the top of the wall, and the field of view will be larger. It is generally used outdoors and has high requirements for waterproofing.

2. Pan and Tilt

Due to the limitation of the shape of the bullet camera, the monitoring angle can only be adjusted when it is installed, and it is fixed to monitor a place during normal use.

bullet camera can monitor streets

PTZ camera is different. PTZ cameras are generally rotatable, with pan and tilt functions. The angles of different models are inconsistent, and the coverage is relatively large. It is suitable for use in places with a relatively open view outdoors. The monitoring angle can be adjusted manually on the mobile app. If your camera has an automatic tracking function, the camera will automatically follow the active person when it detects human activity. Let you not miss any suspicious characters.

ptz cameras have pan and tilt function

3. Applicable Places

The bullet camera cannot adjust the monitoring angle intelligently, and the monitoring range depends on the lens. If the lens zoom range is large, the monitoring range will also be larger. Because of this feature, bullet cameras are very suitable for installation in corridors, streets, indoor halls and other places. These places do not need a very wide monitoring field of view, but only need to have clear monitoring images and good night vision capabilities.

bullet camera has a strong night vision, see everything clear at night

The PTZ camera can be rotated at multiple angles and has a wide monitoring range. Therefore, it is very suitable for installation in an open place where the monitoring angle needs to be adjusted at any time. Such as squares, shopping malls, stadiums and the like.

ptz camera is perfect to monitor wide outdoors

4. Other Differences

The bullet camera can be installed indoors and outdoors, and usually works with solar panels. And the built-in battery, when the solar battery is not enough, it will work with the power of the built-in battery. Usually store power. Most bullet cameras have relatively low power consumption and can be powered by solar energy without plugging in. So some bullet cameras can achieve true wireless work, and no wiring is required during installation. See Saferexpert low power consumption camera SVC1 and SCV3

most of all bullet camera built-in battery to work, and it also can work with solar panel

PTZ camera is different. There are many PTZ cameras that can also use solar panels. Many ptz cameras still need to be connected to work due to their high power consumption. Or use poe to supply power. Consider a little more when installing.

ptz camera needs to consider wire when install

Both cameras are very important for security surveillance. You can choose different cameras for different surveillance locations and use them together. If you want, choose a small indoor camera to make life safer.

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