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What are the Potential Dangers for Children in the Home?

1.Sports equipment

    In 2009, boxer Mike Tyson's 4-year-old daughter died after a rope grabbed her by the neck on a treadmill while she was playing at home. Suggestion: For your child's safety, keep sports equipment in a room and lock the door so children can't enter. 


    In 2004, 610 American children died from home fires or burns. Children have thinner skin than adults, and a cup of hot coffee can cause severe burns in just five seconds. Suggestion: the pot should be put back to the stove immediately after use, and teach children not to fiddle with the stove.

3. Cleaner

    In the United States, accidental poisoning kills more than 100 children under the age of 14 each year. Cleaners, cosmetics, pesticides, paints, alcohol, and so on are all very dangerous. Suggestion: Keep dangerous items in closets out of reach of children, preferably locked.

4. ropes

    Every year, about 500 American children suffocate to death from ropes. Dangerous cords for children include curtain drawstrings, floor lamp cords, unsecured telephone cables, computer cables, etc. Twisters and straps larger than 7 inches on toys are also dangerous and should be kept away from children of childhood age.

5.bath crock

     Every year, a certain number of children are injured in accidents at home. A slip in the bathtub or a fall in the shower can lead to some kind of injury or even a broken bone. 

6. Cupboards and other furniture

   If the cupboard is unstable, the child will easily hurt himself climbing over it. Television sets are also easy to fall and hit children. Suggestion: this kind of furniture had better try to fix. Heavy items should be placed on lower shelves or in lower drawers of cabinets. Do not place remote controls, candy or toys on top of the furniture to prevent children from tipping over the furniture in search of something.


Do not place furniture next to the window in case the child climbs and falls from the window causing an accident.

Stir-crazy kids

    Even if you keep telling your child not to do these things, the inquisitive nature keeps your child exploring the dangers. In addition to their around-the-clock snack requests, kids are getting bored… and into trouble. It only takes one flushed action figure or an aspiring culinary feast gone awry to result in a minor household damage claim.

Safety tips

  • Make sure you have a smoke detector on every floor in your home. Test your units every six months to ensure they’re working properly. For a long-term solution, consider a 10-year sealed lithium battery smoke detector.
  • Don’t forget about carbon monoxide detectors, too – especially near gas-fired furnaces or heating appliances.
  • Clear the space around your stovetop. Flammable items like wooden spoons and paper towels should be stored at a safe distance. Stow a general multi-purpose fire extinguisher in your kitchen, and learn how to use it.
  • Use brackets, anchors and other security equipment on items like televisions, dressers, bookshelves and any kind of furniture or appliance that could easily tip over.

Of course, you can also give your home further protection, yard, living room, kitchen and other key places installed security cameras, and sensor, SaferExpert allows you to real-time view any situation happening in your home, and take measures, such as when your child enters the kitchen or turns over the window,Motion Detector or Door/Window Sensor detects and sends a notification to your mobile phone,

When gas leaks, the gas detector sends a notification to your mobile phone and closes the valve automatically through an intelligent linkage.When your child does something dangerous, or enters some key place (bathroom, kitchen) you can also through the indoor camera two-way voice intercom even stop and so on.Of course there are many more protections waiting to be discovered in Saferexpert.

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