What You Can Do with Security Camera when Halloween is Coming

What You Can Do with Security Camera when Halloween is Coming

Tomorrow is Halloween, I believe all you guys are ready for the party! However, don’t forget your home security when you go out for party, or… for sugar. You know that there are really too many spooky things will visit everywhere in these two days. But if your home happens to have a security camera, it's really great! Scroll down and see what you can do with your loyal guardians.

#1 Let’s décor your camera first

You already have all things of Halloween costume and décor? Or put pumpkin lanterns everywhere? Hey your indoor camera CSY6 wants to join too! Use your imagination, give it a new cloak, or a wizard hat. Do you like its new image? Everything at home enters Halloween dressup now. Enjoy this spooky feeling.

camera halloween dressup


#2 See who is asking for treat

Halloween is an anticipated day for children, or for those adults who want sugar, and also, those ghosts. People will put on a spooky makeup, and dress up as they like, just for fun and sugars. Be careful. Now it’s important to ensure that it’s human not ghost is speaking “treat or trick?”. With the help of security camera, you can see the real-time live images on your phone app. And talk to them through its two-way audio function. You are safe now. Give them sugars!

real-time talking

#3 Arm your house

Finally, they are coming! The ghost is crossing your garden. You look out the window, but you see nothing. Is there really something spooky to visit? You are not sure. But don’t worry, just click camera’s phone App, your loyal monitor Y4 pro detects them all. It has a wide monitoring area, which helps to find all ghosts no matter where they hide. Remember don’t open the door now.

detect ghost

Elvis Duran said, Halloween is not only about putting on a costume, but it's about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves. So forget all the troubles, just enjoy this spooktacular day. Can you tell me your spooky thoughts with your security camera?


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