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EIOTCLUB-Prepaid SIM Card 4G LTE Cellular US Version

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Our service will work within the USA through AT&T and T-Mobile cellular towers. No Contracts. No extra fees. No hidden fees. No activation fees. Provide safe and cost-effective 4G services for various IoT devices. SAFEREXPERT cooperates deeply with EIOTCLUB to provide perfect and professional after-sales service to ensure the device and 4G SIM card work well.


REFILL: https://sim.eiotclub.com/1.
An IoT SIM card, data only. Voice and SMS services are not supported!
Make sure to insert the SIM card before powering on the device, and wait a few minutes patiently.
We provide technical support, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us(info@eiotclub.com/supports@saferexpert.com).


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Safe and Reliable

Protect your privacy. No Contracts. No extra fees. No hidden fees. No activation fees. After the SIM card is inserted into the device, it can be activated after powering on. The purchased data plan will not be automatically renewed when it is used up, and there will be absolutely no unplanned charges.

Affordable Data Plans

300 MB Free Trial. Data only. No voice & text. Really saving money. IoT data plan without any extra cost. The data plan can be switched arbitrarily and freely.

Compatible with Convenient Data Services

Our SIM cards have been tested. It's a great choice for a variety of IoT devices. Such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs, watches, pet trackers, security cameras, trail and game cameras for hunting, 4G routers, GPS devices, car locators and more.This SIM kit is pre-cut in 3 sizes to fit any device: Standard, Micro and Nano sizes.

Great Data Service Solution

Our SIM card offers a 300MB data free trial for 30 days of wireless service. Join and enjoy this service right now. Get unlimited 4G high-speed data service on the largest and most reliable networks in the United States.

How it works?

Step 1: Our 3-in-1 SIM card includes standard,micro,and nano sizes. Just punch out the one that fits your device.

Step 2: Make sure your device is powered off. Insert the card into SIM card slot. Power on your device, and wait for a few seconds.

Step 3: Choose the data plan that suit you. The plan begins as soon as you activate your service.

To be sure not to influence any service interruptions, we suggest you REFILL your data plan before your current plan expires. Upgrade your plan anytime from https://sim.eiotclub.com/1.

The Coverage Map in USA, Canada, and Europe