Saferexpert 100 Meters Wireless Wide-angle PIR motion detector WB05

Saferexpert 100 Meters Wireless Wide-angle PIR motion detector WB05

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Bring Saferexpert 100 Meters Wireless Wide-angle PIR motion detector home equals hiring a safeguard home without any monthly charge. Fabulous anti-false infrared alarm with 100 meters ultra-long distance detection range. 110° fan-shaped angle monitoring, that can always leave your home member a safe and peace life.


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  • Does light interfere with motion sensor???

    No, ambient light does not affect operation of the motion sensor.

  • High-tech Intelligent Detector: This is a kind of high-tech intelligent detector. Get instant mobile alerts when motion is detected.
  • Anti-false Alarm: Combined with the anti-false alarm infrared detector and special chip, allows minimize false positive
  • Accurate Alarm: High accuracy automatic temperature compensation technology and infrared detection device. It can accurately alarm even in strong sunlight (Anti-white light 7000Lux). Monitor real-time day and night. 
  • High Quality: Miniature radio transmission technology and advanced engineering flame retardant material enclosure. Energy-saving transmission for long-distance, and stable wireless transmission distance of 100 meters in open space.
  • Wide Detection Area: 12 meters detection distance, 110° fan-shaped spaces effective detection angle, prevent crawling under-report because not detecting.
  •  Low Battery Waring: 6.3V CR123A lithium power supply. Large capacity and long service life. When it is in a low power states, the phone receives a remote reminder.
  • Notification: Do not install it in places like shop and mall where people come and go, battery will be out quick due to frequent alarm. For DIY, use with a security system and host.


  • Battery type: AAA x 2,DC 3V,   Standby Current: ≤25uA,   Working Current: ≤150mA, 
  • Detection Range: 7~9m,    Detection of Walking: 0.3 meter/s~3 meter/s,   
  • Self-inspection Time: ≤30s,    Infrared Sensor: 2 pairs of pyroelectric infrared sensor, 
  • Storage Temperature: -10℃~65℃,5%~95% RH (no condensation), 
  • Certification: CE,   Product Size: 107x52x41mm (without bracket)
  • Packing List: PIR Detector x 1,  Screw Accessories Package x 1