Saferexpert C10 & U3 16-256GB Memory Card

Saferexpert C10 & U3 16-256GB Memory Card

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  • Reliable & Durable: Anti X-rays. Heat and cold resistant. It can withstand temperatures of -25 ℃ to 85 ℃. IPX7 waterproof, no damage even when soaked in water for two hours. Anti-magnetic interference, it can withstand strong magnetic fields.
  • High-speed Read and Write: Class-10 international transmission standard, UHS Speed Class 3, the minimum writing speed is 30M per second.
  • Wide Range of Adaptation: Adapt to main digital equipment, such as security monitoring, cameras, driving recorders, mobile phones, computers, tablets, LCD TVs, drones and etc.
  • Transport Specification: Class-10 international transmission standard
  • Transport Speed: UHS Speed Class 3
  • Anti-X-ray: Support
  • Working Temperature: -25℃~ 85 ℃
  • Waterproof:  IPX7
  • Anti-magnetic: Support


Ask a Question
  • What does C10 U3 mean?

    C is the abbreviation of class, C4 is the lowest writing speed of 4M, C10 is the lowest writing speed of 10M, the number after U multiplied by 10 is the lowest writing speed, U1 is the lowest writing speed of 10M, and U3 is the lowest writing speed of 30M. (Note that most of the price-oriented knockoff cards cannot even guarantee the 10M write speed). If you have certain expectations for speed, such as those who don’t want to wait for slow copying of files, or writing similar to full HD and high frame rate, U3 is required.