Saferexpert Multi-Function Anti-Spy Camera Detector P1 Pro

Saferexpert Multi-Function Anti-Spy Camera Detector P1 Pro

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  • Anti-Spy Detector: Circular viewfinder can search bugs with eyes. You see red light flashing when it detected cameras. You can use it as a burglar alarm. 8 LED lights on side of the device will flash when it’s shaken.
  • 8 Brightness LED Lights + 8 Brightness Flash Lights : 8 brightness LED lights will help you find every hidden camera, faster than other similar spy finders.
  • Easy to Use: Turn on the anti-spy detector and press the “CAM” button. Then look around to find hidden cameras through the viewfinder. You can also accurately find a hidden camera with a compass function.
  • Vibration Alarm: Hang this anti-spy detector on the door when sleeping. It will flash when someone opens the door. You can also hang it on your bag or suitcase.
  • Flashlight: Strong LED light, don't worry about walking at night.


  • Size: 70x35x13mm
  • Material: ABS plastic adhesive material
  • Power: 200mAh battery power
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Operating Current: 30mA
  • Durability: 5-6 hours


      Ask a Question
      • If the camera is not plugged in or the camera is powered off, will this hidden camera detector still finds it?

        Yes, the Hidden Camera Detector will find any camera lens regardless if the camera is working or not. Every hidden camera has a lens no matter it is working or not.
        The reflection of the lens will occur with or without power to the hidden camera.
        Thanks for your question, have a great day.

      • is this hidden camera dectector easy to use?

        Thanks for the question, yes,it is very easy to use this camera detector, it has been designed for simple operation, just press any button to use its relevant functions. Helping you detect and find hidden cameras is one of its main functions, at the same time, you can also use it as an emergency night light and self-defense alarm.