Saferexpert Simulation Camera, Fake Camera with Red Light Flashing FC1

Saferexpert Simulation Camera, Fake Camera with Red Light Flashing FC1

6+6 Product Warranty
Fast Free Air Parcel
Shipping within 24 hrs
Two-way Intercom
Pan and tilt
TF Card Local Storage
Night vision
Motion Tracking

Extremely realistic fake cameras can be added to your surveillance system to reduce expenditure costs. Some facts have proved that criminals will choose targets that seem easy to invade. Fake cameras can give a strong deterrent. Essential for saving money and preventing the burglar and thief!

Noted: No video recording



Ask a Question
  • Do I have to delete old recordings or does it overwrite once the card is full?

    Dear customer, you do not need to delete old recordings manually. When SD card is full it will cover previous recording and overwrite. Hope this can help.

  • If the camera is connected to wifi, does my phone need to be connected to wifi in order to use the camera?

    No you do not need a WiFi connection to connect to the camera from your phone.

  • do you have to be connected to the same WiFi to set up the account?

    Hi, thanks for your question.
    For the first time connect camera with wifi, you should keep your phone andd your camera connect to the same 2.4G internet.

  • Can my family members and I connect to the camera at the same time?

    Yes, this camera support max 4 users to access at the same time, hope you like it.


The fake camera has a flashing red light. Need two AA batteries. Resistant to rain, sunlight and low temperature, it can work under any harsh conditions. There are fake wires that can be hidden in the base, which looks almost like a real camera. It can be mixed with real security cameras to reduce expenditure. Effectively deter criminals.