Saferexpert Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector with Battery - CD01

Saferexpert Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector with Battery - CD01

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Saferexpert smart carbon monoxide detector plays a strong role in guarding home safety. Imagine a gas leak in your kitchen but you don’t know it. What a terrible thing! But with the protection of this smart detector, no need to worry about it. The minimum accurate value of it is 0.05 bar, sensitive enough to alert in advance. Live a safer life!


Ask a Question
  • Can the detector be connected to a mobile phone? I want to be notified when I am not at home.

    Yes, you can, but you need our host. You can buy our security alarm system. This detector can be connected to the host, and then the mobile phone can be connected to the host, so you can monitor multiple detectors at the same time. If you only need one detector, you can choose to purchase a WIFI detector, which can be directly connected to the WIFI, so that you can monitor it in real time with your mobile phone.

  • Features: With an CO sensor and chip set, the carbon monoxide alarm accurately detects CO, giving you the earliest warning with both 80 dB alarm and light alarm. The detection accuracy is subtle to 0.05 bar, with anti-RF interference, excellent repeatability, and stability. It's energy-saving, no need to change battery frequently. Support low power reminder.
  • Remote & Notification: It can be used independently, or connected to gateway for remote control with App. When carbon monoxide is detected, the device will push notification to your phone automatically.
  • Easy Installation: Equipped with screws and anchor plugs, so you can install it easily and quickly anywhere.


  • Size: 80mm*80mm*30mm 
  • Work Temperature: -10℃~+50℃  
  • Concentration Measurement Range: 100-400ppm, +50ppm 
  • Way of Working: Work independently or with an alarm system.
  • Power: DC3.0V(2 *1.5V batteries)