Saferexpert WIFI Home Security Alarm System W2

Saferexpert WIFI Home Security Alarm System W2

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  • Kit: security host *1, human activity detector *1, remote controller *1, door and window detector *2
  • Features: Security host based on WIFI and 433 wireless communication technology. Through simple installation and setting, you can use one-button to anti-theft alarm, and linked with other device. Start an intelligent life.
  • Intelligent & Alexa/Google Assistant: Works with Tuya, building an intelligent security system. Support remote control, local control, intelligent linkage, security monitoring and other functions. You can use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or other third-part control. Enjoy more intelligent security control.
  • Easy Installation & Power: WiFi configuration, no wiring, the accessories and the host are automatically coded. Just install host and connect to the mobile phone via WiFi (2.4GHz). Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, standby for 2 hours.
  • Notification & Security: Alarm notification pushed in seconds. Rely on Doodle platform server cluster and excellent detector, you can receive the alarm information quickly.
  • Still Working? & Low Power Notification: The detector will send signal every 4 hours. If the signal is not detected in 8 hours, it is considered offline. You need to check whether the detector is working. Supports low power reminder, state tracking and offline reminder of sub-devices.
  • Deploying: When system is deployed, the system will automatically detect whether the sensor is ready.  If door is not closed, it will send a reminder.
  • Intelligent Linkage: You can set smart linkage in Tuya App. Such as turn on light automatically when you open the door at night or turn on the floor lamp when infrared detector finds someone is passing by. You can find more ways to play together!
  • Addition: Support 10 zones maximum, 10 wireless detectors for each zone. And support 8 remote controls.
    • Size: Smart alarm panel: 81.6x81.6x74.2mm. PIR detector: 94x54x41mm. Door sensor(50*35*17mm,48*13*17mm). Remote Controller: 69*36*11mm
    • Host Power supply: 100~240V AC
    • Host Standby Battery: lithium battery 3.7V/250mAh   
    • RF distance: 100m
    • Host Communication: Based on WiFi and RF433 wireless communication technology.
    • Maximum Number of Accessories: 100


    Ask a Question
    • How can someone else come in and disarm the alarm if they don\'t have a key fob?

      Disarming can only by remote control or mobile phone.

    • Are there additional door/window sensors available?

      Yes, you can buy it in the category of alarm system accessories.

    • Can the siren be reduced or disabled having alerts go only to phone? Looking to use this system as a alarm for elderly patient that could wander.

      Hi, yes the siren can be reduced or disabled!
      You can also push notifications to your phone when Siren reduced or disabled.
      In fact, this system is highly customizable. You can customize the number of detectors and sensors, which alarms and which do not.

    • Is their option for stay-in so the motion sensor wont trigger?

      Yes, you can use the remote key to choose home protection, or operate on the APP.

    • I have four old camera in my Bussiness it’s possible to add camera to this security system?

      If your camera supports Tuya or Smart Life APP, you can manage it in the APP, and you can set up smart linkage.

    • I don\'t have wifi or internet, but all i need is a system that will sound an audible alarm if a door is opened when i am home. will this system work?

      Click this link and it will suit you.

    • Alarm has went off several times and I don\'t see a way to identify which sensor set it off. How do I determine what set it off?

      You can customize the name of each detector or sensor in Tuya or Smart Life APP, so you can know where it is triggered. As for what is triggered, you may need a camera to know.

    • True or false. To better avoid pet detection, hang the motion sensor upside down to avoid movement closer to the floor?

      Hi, this is false. You can adjust the detector to be higher than the height of the pet, or purchase a pet PIR detector from saferexpert, which can prevent false alarms for pets below 25KG.

    • Can this connect any window sensor that uses smart life or tuya connection?

      There is 433 frequency communication between the hub and sensors. It is recommended to purchase sensors from saferexpert to ensure 100% connection. It can be expanded up to 100 detectors.

    • does the hub uses zwave or zigbee to communicate with the sensors?

      Yes, the hub uses zigbee to communicate with the sensors, you can connect the hub to WIFI, check the status of sensors through Tuya or Smart Life APP, receive notifications, set up smart linkage, etc.