Saferexpert WIFI Smart Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector SK

Saferexpert WIFI Smart Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector SK90

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Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas. If it leaks at home, it can easily cause harm to people. This detector can detect not only normal smoke, but also carbon monoxide. With high sensitivity and high speed, it will sound an 85-decibel alarm once detects carbon monoxide leaks. Gives you enough time to take action.


Ask a Question
  • Is there any type of fee inolved to use this item?

    No, it will not incur any costs.

  • Does the battery powered detector also plug into an outlet?

    No. It is battery operated.

  • If I\'m away from my house and it detects smoke, will I get a wake-me-up type of alert on my phone?

    Yes you will get alerts even when it starts detecting a slight amount of smoke....

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm: Smoke and carbon monoxide relate to a threat to life, the alarm can accurately detect carbon monoxide and smoke from any potential source.
  • Remote: View what's happening at home with the Tuya App, anywhere and anytime.
  • Intelligent linkage: Set up schedule in App, linked with other smart devices in the house.
  • High Sensitivity & High Speed: Faster response to dangers with 85 dB loud alarm. Upgraded photoelectric and electrochemical sensors increase the sensitivity of the alarm for a faster response time while minimizing false alarms.
  • Simple Installation & Operation: This battery powered unit can be installed quickly without an electrician; One-button operation is easy to use.
  • Alarm: 85 dB super warning and flashing light.


  •  Battery type: CR123A x 2   Standby Current: 26uA 
  •  Alarm Current: 120mA-130mA   Battery Life: 2500 triggers (1 trigger per day, 3 trigger per day, 3 trigger per day, 2 trigger per day)
  • Standby Time: 2 years   Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃ (32°F~104°F) 
  • Working Humidity: 20% ~ 85%   
  • Product Size: 20*100*100MM  Loud: 85db alarm