Saferexpert Wireless Smart Smoke Detector YG02

Saferexpert Wireless Smart Smoke Detector YG02

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Many people think they will smell smoke if fire breaks out when they are sleeping. But in fact many gases are colorless and odorless. This sensor can detect smoke sensitively, and sound an alarm ringtone. Then push notifications to your phone immediately. Protect your safety from fire.


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  • Does this smoke detector have an independent alarm sound?

    Yes, it can independently send out an alarm on site. It is best to add it to our home alarm system through a hub, so that you can manage it in Tuya APP.

  • High Sensitivity Smoke Detection: When a fire breaks out, the sensor will detect smoke sensitively, and sound an alarm ringtone. Then push notifications to your smartphone to protect people and property.
  • High Temperature Sensing Alarm: When the temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, even if there is no smoke is be sensed, it will alarm. And push the information to the phone to prevent the fire from happening.
  • Remote Monitoring: Monitor through App, you can observe the dynamics of smoke in real-time.  Make your home smarter, no matter how far away from home.
  • Intelligent Linkage: Set up an intelligent scene on Tuya App. Add associated IR device' When the smoke detector senses smoke or when the temperature is high, IR will transmit signal and turn off all the electrical equipment in the room.
  • Multi-user: Support multiple device accessing at the same time, so you can add multiple device on App to monitor several locations.
  • Easy to Set Up & Installation: Connect your host in a few simple steps. With an 80db buzzer, it can alarm independently or cooperate with alarm system. Ceiling installation, the effective detection range of 10-20 square meters. Important position can install in 2.5 square meters. Wireless transmission ranges up to 80 meters.
  • Note & More: Mobile phone remote and smart linkage need to be used with the host. Support self-check function, low power design, LED alarm, low voltage prompt, and alarm elimination automatic reset.


  • Operating Voltage: DC(9V)
  • Quiescent Current: ≤10uA
  • Alarm Current: ≤35mA
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃~50℃
  • Environmental Humidity: ≤95%RH
  • Monitoring Area: 20m²
  • Alarm Volume: >80dB
  • Size: 109*51mm
  • Installation Method: Ceiling type
  • Weight: 160g