6 - Months Warranty Extend

Thank you for purchasing from Saferexpert.

Here are few steps for you to activate your 6-month warranty extension.

Please feel free to fill in and contact supports@saferexpert.com if there's any question.

·   6 - Month Warranty Policy

We provide an optional Saferexpert warranty for 6-Month from the date of purchase for all Saferexpert products. We will rectify all material and manufacturing defects for you free of charge during this period. The conditions of the Saferexpert warranty apply.



· Free 6-month Extended Warranty

By purchasing a Saferexpert product, you have opted for durability, convenient commute, and excellent quality. With the Extended Warranty, you have the option of extending the warranty for your Saferexpert appliances to up to 12 months within the 6-Month manufacturer warranty period.

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