Customer Stories

Kelly Wilson

Marketing director

"This little camera is amazing!

The picture is clear day or night. It moves! You can press arrows in the app or move the picture around with your fingers. It’s literally like having eyes in the back of your head. Oh yes, the set up was simple. I’m buying at least two more. I love it!"

Harry Alvara


"I've temporarily semi-secretly hidden my Saferexpert Security Camera on our porch under a little shelf my wife likes to keep plants on. You would never know it's there if you didn't look for it. The setup was super easy, the picture quality is great and it's so easy to use in the app. The playback has been very easy to use as well. Overall I'm quite impressed. "

John Fowler


"We received a great video monitor from and we got this product to place in our room to monitor the baby and it works great!
It keeps the link while we’re downstairs in the kitchen, living room, our just outside on the porch. We really like that it can be battery or plug in powered. Recommend!"

Nancy Adams

Sales manager

"My husband and I just brought our first born home and at first we didn't think we needed a monitor about a week in we were looking for just a sound monitor nothing fancy. I come across this one and think "if it doesn't work we will just send it back and keep looking." It comes in and we set it up super easy and its small so we just put it right in her pack n play. we go about our night and we can here all movements little sounds, i bought two so i can have one in the living room and my husband can get one in his office. i would totally buy this again. "

Gloria Spencer


"I bought a camera from this brand to monitor the perimeter of one side of my house. I'm really impressed with the quality in day time and in night mode i'm still bale to recognize clearly the surrounding. The motion detection and motion tracking work perfectly, even in night mode it can follow you."

Kate Mickens

Full-time Mom

"Saferexpert Baby Monitor delivers a very consistent product. This gives my 3 y-o boy the privacy he wishes for and me the knowledge that he isn't in danger. I now use another one to listen in on my aged mother-in-law with Alzheimer's. It's very helpful for me to make sure she was safe while she is showering and such."

Joy Sims

Peach Agency

"I use the Saferexpert Security Camera to monitor my pet while I'm away from home.The picture quality is great and I love the motion detector and different alarm features. It's great being able to control the sensitivity of it as well and set up was relatively easy. Great Product!"