Saferexpert 100% Wireless Solar Black-light Security Camera S22
Saferexpert 100% Wireless Solar Black-light Security Camera S22
Saferexpert 100% Wireless Solar Black-light Security Camera S22


Saferexpert 100% Wireless Solar Black-light Security Camera S22

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S22 is the perfect 100% wireless battery-powered outdoor solution. No hard wiring, no charging, no network cable, even without WIFI, the S22 4G version still works well. Black-light level image sensor + high-performance ISP allows S22 to obtain true and clear color images in various lighting environments even in complete darkness. IP66 waterproof, dustproof, and sunscreen, can work normally in the severe cold of -30℃ and the high temperature of 60℃. Regardless of severe cold and scorching heat, wind, and rain, day and night, S22 is always here.

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Ask a Question
  • Which camera do you have that has at least 75 ft night sensing detection that works on cellular, 4G LTE service?

    The distance of our 4G camera PIR detection or motion detection is about 50ft. The long-distance PIR detection is not the main target, because it may cause many unnecessary alarms. The accuracy of the alarm is our goal.
    If night vision distance is your pursuit, you can consider Q8, the excellent night mode can reach an astonishing 300ft. (Note: PIR detection distance is 50ft, longer detection distance is unreasonable)
    Our new product, the S30, is very good at night vision. The night vision distance is about 66ft. The black light level image sensor allows the S30 to get clear night images in almost total darkness.

Ultra Night Vision Black Light Security Camera

We know that night video images are indispensable to the two elements of color and brightness, but the interference between color and brightness will eventually affect the picture effect, and the S22 blacklight camera can imitate the principle of human retina imaging to solve this contradiction. The black light camera innovatively uses a dual-sensor structure. One sensor imitates the cone-shaped cells in the retina to perceive color information, and the other sensor imitates the rod-shaped cells in the retina to perceive brightness details. The color information and brightness details do not interfere with each other, and the imaging effect is greatly improved. The night video image is brighter, cleaner, and the colors are more realistic. S22 is equipped with infrared light and white light, which can guarantee you capture up to 30m clear color night vision even in complete darkness.

1080P Full HD

2 Megapixel high-tech optical lens provides real 1080p high-definition images. Easy to get a sharp video/image. See recordings or playbacks of the house or outsides clearly on your phone.

Ultra-low-power Consumption

The low-power means that the camera does not need to record meaningless videos 24/7.  When the movement is detected, the camera will quickly start to record the video within 0.2 seconds, and send a notification to your mobile phone.

Build-in 15000mAh battery & 3.5w Solar Panel

Built-in 15000 mAh battery and equipped with a 3.5w solar panel, allow the security camera to guard 365 days without any power cord and network cable.

PIR Motion Detection

When someone, a vehicle or other moving objects appear, the camera will immediately send a notification to your phone.

Humanoid Detection

The alarm will only be triggered when a humanoid is detected, effectively reducing false alarms caused by disturbances from other objects, such as small animal movements and changes in light, etc.

Two-way Audio

Built-in speaker and microphone. Easy to communicate with family and visitors as long as your phone connects to the Internet even if you are in a foreign country. Anytime and anywhere.

Cloud+TF card storage & Remote Control

Support cloud storage(30 days free) and local TF card storage (up to 128GB). Local storage is not chargeable. On the mobile phone, you can view real-time video and playbacks, receive notifications, check battery power, etc.

Pan and Tilt and Zoom

With pan 355° and tilt 100° function, provide a 360° guardian. Support digital zoom, you can zoom in pictures or videos.

H.265 High Efficiency Encoder

H.265 encoding format, the memory usage rate is only half of the ordinary camera under the condition of the same definition. Conducive to the transmission of video data allows you to watch the live video stream without freezing.

IP66 Waterproof/Dustproof/Sunprotection

S22 uses very good materials and meticulous waterproof design, effective waterproof, dustproof and sunscreen, enough to deal with various outdoor harsh environments.

Work Under -30℃~60℃ Environment

S22 has passed our actual test and can work normally at -30℃~60℃. Regardless of severe cold or heat, S30 always guards your safety.

Back Light + High Light Compensation & Dynamic

The final purpose of the three modes of wide dynamic, high light compensation, and backlight compensation allow the camera to adapt to more and more complex light source conditions. Better to play a monitoring role, and to see the camera monitoring picture clearly.

Easy Installation and Set up

WIFI (2.4GHz only) version and 4G version are optional. It is equipped with a universal and adjustable bracket. Not required any power cords and network cables. Installation is very simple. You can choose either integrated installation or separate installation.


  • Version: 4G/WIFI optional
  • Operating system: Android, IOS
  • Image sensor: 1/2.7'' black-light level
  • Compression format: H.264/H.265
  • Alarm mode: Detection mode: PIR detection + AI humanoid detection Detection distance:0~12m Detection angle: 95° Alarm method: real-time call to mobile phone or information push
  • Pan&Tilt: PTZ angle: Horizontal 355 ° Vertical 100 ° Rotating speed: Horizontal 55°/sec Vertical 40°/sec
  • Night Vision: Full color night vision: Illumination 0.00LUX Infrared light: infrared LED distance 30M White light: White light LED distance 30M
  • Audio: Built-in speaker: 3w Built-in microphone: monitoring range 20M
  • Storage: Cloud storage: alarm event recording Local storage: TF card (maximum 128GB)
  • Power: Power supply mode: solar panel + battery Solar panel: 3.5w monocrystalline silicon material Battery capacity: 3 sections of 21700 batteries (15000MA)
  • Working Environment: Working scene: indoor/outdoor Working temperature: -30℃~60℃ Working humidity: 0%~90%RH
  • Weight: 1.2KG