Saferexpert Smart Elder & Baby Monitor 720P With 4.5in LCD Touch Scree

Saferexpert Smart Elder & Baby Monitor 720P With 4.5in LCD Touch Screen BM01


The perfect baby monitor for both baby, kids and elder with audio and video.  Design with a 4.5-inch high-definition touch screen, it is an artifact for home mothers to take care of their love! The temperature detection function allows you to warn you in advance, so that the baby stays away from colds. Clear two-way voice, like you have never left. Cry detection allows you to know the first time that your child is awake or hungry. Of course, you can also set timing feeding reminders. The display screen can be carried with you, whether you are cooking, kids watching TV or cleaning, etc. Don't worry about signal problems, the super transmission and penetration capabilities allow you to monitor in real time at any corner of the house. Never miss any moment about the one you love.

Note: No need to connect to the Internet, the camera and the screen are automatically connected, which is convenient, practical and safe.


Ask a Question
  • Can I add an extra camera? where can I get it?

    Yes, it can equip with the second camera. But currently only this baby monitor is available, we will arrange the separate camera as soon as possible, stay tuned!


A Must-have for Baby Monitoring

Need a closer look? It's must your pick for baby room. A camera and a 5" display, perfect partners right? The plug-and-play camera, you can put it anywhere you want for better monitoring. It can be connected to your home 2.4G WiFi, then see images on the display in the real time. And you can do more on this touch display. For more functions, scroll to learn more.

5" 720P Touch Screen

You can get a 5" touch screen for monitoring and setting. The real-time image detected by the camera will be displayed on this screen. So you can see wider surveillance area on this 5" screen. And it's a display supports 720p videos, see everything clearer for better monitoring. Don't forget it's also a touch screen, set a reminder, zoom in or out, and adjust the camera, just need click. Press the button on the display for 3 seconds, you can zoom in or out to see details. It can be magnified up to 10 times.


Crying Detection

When you are in the kitchen or works in the living room, you may not notice your baby in the baby room. Is the baby crying because of he/she don't feeling good? With the help of this baby monitor, the camera can detects if your baby is crying , and send a reminder. You also can see real-time images on the display. Take care of he/she at first time.

VOX Power Saving Mode

You can set VOX mode on the display. It have 3 different sensitivity levels. High level 50db, middle level 55db and low level 60db. Just click to switch. In this mode, if there is no sound for 15 seconds, the display will automatically turn off. And turn on when it detects sound. A good way to save money.

Temperature Detection

When the baby room temperature is too cold or too hot, the baby can easily catch a cold. For your baby's health, it's better to keep the temperature within a proper range. If the temperature exceeds to the range you set, a notification will send to the display. Just focus on your own thing. 

Two-way Audio

Build-in qualified microphone and speaker, nice to remotely talk with the baby. Speak and hear. Interact with family or pets. You can just talk to your baby with a clear voice through the display and the camera. It's useful during the toddler years, talks like you never leave.

Feeding Reminder

You can set this reminder on the display to tell you the feeding time. It has 5 time intervals, half an hour, one hour, two hours, three hours and four hours. Use this function to remind you it's time to feed or change diaper. Make your baby live more regularly.

Pan 355° and tilt 60°

Pan 355° and tilt 60° function provides a complete coverage of your baby room. Just put it on the desk, and plug in, maybe you don't need to move it anymore. Control on the display, see everywhere you want. Never miss what's your baby doing.

Night Vision

Even it's a baby monitor, it also has a brilliant night vision. With the build-in infrared lights, it can capture clear images/videos at night. You can see everything clearly on the display. And the night vision distance is up to 32 feet. Never miss a thing in the darkness. No need to take a step, and see if your little one sleep well?

Works Like a Lullaby Player

Saferexpert baby monitor is not only a security camera, but also a lullaby player. The camera built-in 5 lullabies, play the lullaby when your baby is going to sleep. Play and choose lullabies on the monitor. See which one is your baby's favorite. Have a good dream!


Display: 5” IPS HD screen

Viewing Angle: 75° HD lens

Touch Screen: full screen 

Transmission Method: 2.4G WiFi

Power Consumption: camera 4.3W, display 2.2W

Resolution: camera: 1280*720P, display: 1280*720P  15 FPS

Size: camera: 85.0*100.0*80.0mm(H*W*T), display: 130.7*80.0*16.8mm(L*W*T)

Transmission Distance: 220-280M

Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh