Saferexpert WIFI Tuya Smart Baby & Nanny Monitor & Indoor Camera XMB1

Saferexpert WIFI Tuya Smart Baby & Nanny Monitor & Indoor Camera XMB1

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An ideal baby room monitor and indoor nanny camera. You can remotely view real 1080P HD images at anytime, anywhere with your mobile phone, and CVV. More intelligent motion detection function, you can turn on the human figure filter to effectively reduce false alarms. The sensitive movement tracking function will never lose the target. As a baby and nanny monitor, it also has crying detection, temperature detection and alarm, and lullaby playback, which provides the best protection for babies. One of the best baby cameras with stable performance, powerful function, and simple operation.


Ask a Question
  • Where can I check the video? Does it come with a screen?

    No, this baby monitor works with your phone, you can check the video in your phone.


View from Anytime & Anywhere

Check what's your baby doing, or detects if he/she wanna go away when you are not at baby room, works with peace of mind. Free App for real-time viewing & playback on smart devices, anywhere and anytime, as long as your phone and camera are connected to the Internet. Don't miss any single image of your baby. 

Crying Detection

When you are in the kitchen or works in the living room, you may not notice your baby in the baby room. Is the baby crying because of he/she don't feeling good? With the help of this baby monitor, your cellphone can receive an alert as soon as possible. Know if your baby is crying at first time, and take care of he/she.

Temperature Detection

When the baby room temperature is too cold or too hot, the baby can easily catch a cold. For your baby's health, it's better to keep the temperature within a proper range. If the temperature exceeds to the range you set, a notification will send to your cellphone. Just focus on your own thing. 

Motion Detection & Tracking

This monitor comes with motion detection and tracking function. If your baby is playing everywhere on the room, the baby monitor will detects his movement, and send notification to your cellphone. You can know his safety real time. Don't worry, he is playing toys on the room, you can go on to cook.

1080P Full HD & 100-degree wide view

The real 1080p HD pixels, and a 100-degree wide lens, allow you to watch more wider and clearer images/videos on your phone. If your baby is crawling on the room, you can watch his movement on your phone without controlling the camera. See everything clear, never miss a funny scene.

Work on Tuya App

The baby monitor can be added on Tuya App. You can see real-time surveillance footage, control the monitor surveillance angle, see playbacks and play lullaby just on this App. No need to download too many App. Only Tuya App, and search how to play the monitor on this App.

Cloud & TF Card Storage

You can choose to store your videos/images on a TF card(up to 128G) or in the cloud(a month for free). Easy to store videos and see playbacks. Keep your privacy on your own. We store nothing.

Works Like a Lullaby Player

Saferexpert baby monitor is not only a security camera, but also a lullaby player. The monitor build-in 6 lullabies, play the lullaby when your baby is going to sleep. You can also play lullabies on your phone App. See which one is your baby's favorite. Have a good dream!

Night Vision & IR-Cut Filter

Even it's a baby monitor, it also has a brilliant night vision. With the build-in 9pcs infrared lights, it can capture clear images/videos at night. You can see everything clearly on your phone App. When the monitor senses that the light is dimmed, it will automatically adjust to night vision mode. No need to take a step. See if your little one sleep well?

Pan 355° and Tilt 90°

Pan 350° and tilt 90° function provides a complete coverage of your baby room. Just put it on the desk, and plug in, maybe you don't need to move it anymore. Control on the phone, see everywhere you want. Never miss what's your baby doing.