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What Methods are Thieves Burglary? What Should We Do to Prevent Burglary?

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Criminals often "take advantage of the emptiness" and choose places that are easy to start and difficult to be discovered by entering the house and committing crimes. If someone finds out during the theft, they may take the risk and commit robbery and hurt others. There are two periods of the day during which they commit crimes during the "prime time", namely three or four in the morning and working hours during the day.


Method 1: Downpipes and gas pipes are used as ladders. Now the downpipes and gas pipes of many houses in cities are installed outdoors, and they are installed close to balconies and windows. Criminals can easily use the downpipes and gas pipes to climb into the houses to commit crimes.

Method 2: Enter the house while you are not prying the door. This is the usual method used by criminals to commit crimes during the day. The early anti-theft doors had only a few screws to fix the door frame, in fact, they couldn't stand the strength of a crowbar at all, and it was done in one minute.

Method 3: Sweet words deceive you to open the door. Some gangsters used the victim to advertise for rented houses, falsely claiming to come to see the house, and actually robbed them. Others pretended to be water and electricity repairmen and tricked them into opening the door and robbing them.

Method 3: Most criminals enter the room at night through the kitchen window, often stealing kitchen knives in their hands. Once the residents are sober or discovered when the criminals commit crimes, the criminals can easily go to extremes and cause casualties to the residents.

Method 4: Trailing robbery. Therefore, pay more attention to the following people who enter the elevator stairs together to avoid disasters.

What should we do to prevent burglary?

1. Infrared anti-theft alarm and door and window detectors

It is also very simple to use. If you need to go out and there is no one at home, you can set up defense. When an outsider enters the house, infrared detection senses it, it will alarm on the spot and push notification to the owner.

The thief is also scared stupid in this situation!

It is recommended to install on the balcony and ventilated window sill. In particular, the ventilation windows of the kitchen and toilet in the family are rarely closed in summer, and the wall is close to the water and gas pipes, which may become the "entrance" for burglary.

In addition, hanging a wind chime on the window sill, and placing beer bottles, glass bottles, cans, and cactus flower pots on the window sill can serve as an alarm when a robber enters the house.


2. Wireless surveillance camera

Some friends may think this is necessary? Wouldn't it be enough to have a cat's eye to see who is knocking at the door?

Here I want to tell everyone that if the cat's eye does not take protective measures, it is equivalent to providing a fast channel for thieves to enter the house! Once I forgot to bring the key, I had to find a professional unlocker. Unexpectedly, he quickly removed the cat's eye, inserted a curved steel wire, hung the handle from the inside, and opened the door. The whole process took less than 3 minutes! shocked……

what to do? 

Later, I heard people say that you can install a wireless camera at the door, and you can see clearly even at night!

In addition, the wireless camera can also be placed at home. When there are babies and elderly people in the house, we can check the situation at home anytime and anywhere. Great, right?

The equipment is complete, but you must not let your IQ become a flaw~~ The following is a few guides summarized for everyone, let’s increase your knowledge.

Strategy 1: illusion

1、Use timing devices to turn lights and electrical appliances, such as radios or lights, on and off.

2、Before going out, putting a pair of older or discarded shoes outside the door of your house can create an illusion that there are people in the house.

3、Don't take back all the clothes on the balcony. The empty balcony hints the thief: There is no one in the house.

Strategy 2: witty

1. How to stay away from good friends and good neighbors in the anti-theft method for traveling far away? You can give friends or neighbors a spare key, and ask them to check at home regularly, move the balcony furnishings or hang clothes.

2. Thieves often use curtains to judge whether there is anyone in the house, and then come to steal. When not at home, you can choose invisible parts of the bedroom or living room, such as the aisle and kitchen windows without drawing the curtain, or opening a seam, and blocking the line of sight with lamps and other things, so that the thief thinks there is someone in the house.

3. Empty bottles and cans, put them behind the door or window, the thief inadvertently makes loud noises will attract the attention of neighbors and reduce the probability of being stolen.

Strategy 3: Consciousness

1. Try not to store valuables or large sums of cash at home.

2. When going out, pay attention to locking the windows to prevent thieves from entering through the windows.

3. All doors, windows, exhaust outlets, and air-conditioning outlets in the home need to be inspected before going out. If the key is lost or the door lock is damaged, it should be replaced in time. In addition to the good-looking door frame, attention should be paid to whether it is firm or not, and whether the door seam is sealed or not.

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