Can security cameras work through glass?

Can Security Cameras Work Through Windows or Glass?

On certain occasions, we just want to put on a surveillance security camera in the window to monitor the front door, backyard. It's convenient but usually there's a window glass in front of the cam...
saferexpert black light night vision camera capture a perfect full-color footage

Black Light: The Best Solution for the Current Security Camera Night Vision

If you have been following our website and social media platforms, you will know that we have two new outdoor cameras, S22 and S30. These cameras have an additional black light night vision feature...
what you should know about low power consumption security camera

What You Should Know About Low Power Consumption/solar powered Security Camera

Outdoor cameras have been widely used in residential areas and play an important role in protecting family safety. But many families find it troublesome to connect the wires when installing the cam...
security camera used without a router

Can you use a security camera without a router?

"Can I install a camera where there is no WIFI coverage?""What kind of security camera system can work without a router?"If you have such a problem please read this article. Can I use the security ...
the difference between ptz camera and bullet camera
Home camera

The Difference of PTZ Camera and Bullet Camera

If you search security camera, you will find there are many kinds of cameras. They can be all classified as speed dome camera(also known as PTZ camera) and bullet camera. You know what's the differ...
What You Have to Know About Night Vision in Security Cameras--Saferexpert 100% Wireless Black-light Security Camera System

What You Have to Know About Night Vision in Security Cameras.

The peak period of crime is usually at night, and the night vision capability of a camera determines its work efficiency at night. So the night vision function of the security camera is what you ha...
how to protect your deliveries after black friday
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How to Keep an Eye on Your Packages after Black Friday

Black Friday has just passed, I believe you also bought a lot of things. The next period of time will be the busiest time in the express industry. Many people will receive more than one package. Th...
Saferexpert Completely Wireless 4G Security Camera R1

4G Security Camera: Must-see Guide Before Buying & Good News About Wireless Systems

Do you need to install the security camera in an area where there is no WIFI, network cable, or power supply? The 4G security camera is a great solution that don't require network and power cable. ...
How to Monitor Your Remote Place
Home camera

How to Monitor Your Remote Place

Generally speaking, the wireless network at home and near the house is fully covered. So when you install security cameras at home or around the house, you don’t need to worry about network connect...