Saferexpert Completely Wireless 4G Security Camera R1

4G Security Camera: Must-see Guide Before Buying & Good News About Wireless Systems

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Do you need to install the security camera in an area where there is no WIFI, network cable, or power supply?

The 4G security camera is a great solution that don't require network and power cable.

In this article we will explain everything you need to know about 4G security cameras to help you make decisions for your home security system.

Good News: Saferexpert selected 3 cameras that support custom models-cameras that support both 4G & WIFI.

What are 4G security cameras?

4G security cameras transmit video signals through a mobile network without using a dedicated Internet connection, usually with solar panels. Make it an ideal solution for places without internet and power supply.

Note: In order to transfer videos, a 4G security camera with a SIM card requires a cellular data plan, like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.

Saferexpert Solar Wireless Outdoor Smart Security Camera R1--Completely wireless security camera solution

Where can I install a security camera?

Are there any restrictions on installing 4G security cameras?

In short, as long as there is a mobile phone service in your place (you can make calls and send text messages), you can install a 4G security camera system.

4G security cameras are ideal for:

  • Holiday homes, cabins, sheds
  • Warehouse, garage
  • field
  • vessel
  • Farms, pastures, valleys
  • hotel
  • Construction site
  • Motorhomes, campgrounds and dining cars

Pros and cons of 4G security cameras

4G security cameras have many advantages, but also disadvantages.


Flexible installation location

As 4G cameras usually use batteries, most of them use solar panels to charge the batteries (solar panels are strongly recommended), so it can be installed in almost any area.

Simple installation

No complicated wiring, no extra power supply, no WIFI and Ethernet. You only need to power on the camera (usually using solar panels to avoid the hassle of charging), insert the SIM card, and connect to the mobile phone APP, and you can access the 4G security camera anytime, anywhere.

Stable and reliable

 There is no need to worry about the power outage or the disconnection of the network, which will cause you to be unable to view the video remotely. The 4G security camera provides 365 days of protection.


The cost of 4G security cameras is higher than that of WIFI security cameras. This is a problem you have to face. Due to higher technology, 4G cameras are not only more expensive, but also you need to buy a cellular data plan.
Note: Based on the cost and battery life requirements of cellular data, saferexpert4G security cameras usually support PIR/Radar wake-up recording function, and saferexpert4G battery cameras will wake up quickly within 0.2s. This means that you can choose to ignore meaningless recordings. This technology is more suitable for 4G security cameras. Of course, you can choose 24/7 recording, which means more cellular data costs, memory costs, and battery life issues.

Are 4G security cameras worth the investment?

I believe that through the above analysis, you have a sufficient understanding of 4G security cameras.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a cellular security system now?

The answer is whether you really need it. With the advancement of cellular technology, it is only a matter of time before 4G security camera systems become affordable.

The best 4G security cameras recommended in 2021

Saferexpert Solar Wireless Outdoor Smart Security Camera R1

  • Completely wireless
  • True 1080P HD
  • Two-way voice
  • Clear color night vision
  • PIR+ radar dual detection system
  • Low-light night vision (higher clarity and detail can still be obtained in almost complete darkness)
  • With stylish appearance and high quality, it can easily face any bad weather and environment.
  • . . .

Good news

Consumers often ask: Can it support 4G and WIFI at the same time?
What should I do with the 4G camera I have used when you are unwilling to bear the cost of the cellular data plan?

Or you need to change the location of the camera, you can provide WIFI, continue to pay for cellular data is annoying.

Therefore, saferexpert has selected three customizable 4G+WIFI security cameras from the perspective of consumers, which will be available before December. Friends in need can pay attention to them. The product links are below.

Saferexpert Wireless 5x Optical Zoom Outdoor Smart Security Spherical Camera Q6

Saferexpert Wireless HD 5× Optical Zoom Outdoor Smart Security Spherical Camera Q7

Saferexpert Wireless 30× Optical Zoom Outdoor Smart Security Spherical Camera Q8

Note: Customized products need to be delayed 3~5 days shipment.(These three cameras do not have solar panels)


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