how to protect your deliveries after black friday

How to Keep an Eye on Your Packages after Black Friday

Black Friday has just passed, I believe you also bought a lot of things. The next period of time will be the busiest time in the express industry. Many people will receive more than one package. The courier may not be at home when delivering the package. The package can only be placed on the porch or in front of the door.

A 2017 study from found that nearly 26 million Americans had packages taken from their front porch or doorstep. Thieves will definitely take advantage of this package for a lot of time, staring at the packages of every household. So how do we protect the safety of the package?

-Install Doorbell Camera

The doorbell camera is a great security product. It is like a doorbell, but it can capture a very wide image, and the pixels are very high, and the image outside the door can be seen clearly. The basic function of the doorbell camera is similar to that of the security camera. It supports conversation, night vision, high-definition video and other functions. But the doorbell camera is difficult for thieves to notice, they may ignore it and take your package. Try our doorbell cameras.

doorbell cameras

-Install Security Camera

Security camera is the choice of many families, in fact I think it is a family necessity. Security cameras can monitor more areas. The pan and tilt function can almost cover a 360-degree viewing. The function of two-way audio allows you to use the camera microphone to scare them away the moment you spot the thief. Night vision function, some cameras have full-color night vision function, allowing you to monitor the package more clearly when you return late. Cameras and doorbell cameras have the same shortcomings. They can only deter thieves and let the thieves know that they are being monitored, but they cannot completely protect the package from being taken away. See our security cameras

outdoor security cameras

-Have a Good Neighbor

Good neighbor relations are very important at this time. If your neighbor happens to be at home and your relationship is very good, you can ask the neighbor to take your package to his home temporarily. This is much safer than putting it outdoors. When you go to get the package, take a small gift by the way as a thank you.

need a good neighbor to keep an eye on your package after black friday

-Delivered to Your Workplace

If your place of work happens to be nearby, it is a good choice to deliver the package to the place of work. It will not be too far away from home, and it will be more convenient for the courier to deliver the goods. As long as it is not very big, it is more convenient and safe to bring it home

delivery to your workplace after black friday

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