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Black Light: The Best Solution for the Current Security Camera Night Vision

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If you have been following our website and social media platforms, you will know that we have two new outdoor cameras, S22 and S30. These cameras have an additional black light night vision feature in addition to the wireless and solar powered features.

saferexpert S22 and S30 both have black light night vision function

We have cameras with night vision features that bring full color surveillance images, but black light night vision is a higher level of night vision technology. Today's blog will talk about black light technology.

Currently sold cameras, there are full-color cameras, starlight cameras and black light cameras. No matter how the name changes, their principle is the use of optoelectronic imaging devices and their related technology, based on the target scene reflection characteristics, in the night under low-light conditions to achieve imaging technology. The general camera uses infrared imaging technology.

Starlight cameras, on the other hand, can display color images at much lower light intensities. If the display is better, it becomes super starlight level. It mainly uses starlight level image sensor, large aperture lens and traditional ISP image modulation technology, relying on the image sensor's increased sensitivity to improve the efficiency of energy conversion, and large aperture lens to improve the amount of light intake. At present, such technology is very mature, and the cost of implementation is relatively low, so the super starlight camera used in ordinary video surveillance has a greater advantage. However, due to the large aperture lens is easy to cause strong light halo loss of detail, easy to produce noise and other problems.

normal starlight night vision footage

picture from the Internet

Black light technology uses two starlight level sensors. One of the sensors collects image brightness information and object contours through infrared fill light, and the other collects color information. Then through the algorithm to fuse the image information captured by the two sensors, the output is both bright, but also color images.

Photo by S22

Black light camera to meet the use of low illumination scenes in full color imaging environment requirements, a comprehensive night monitoring effect, to provide color, clear, translucent monitoring images, and effectively improve the ability to capture detailed information. Black light camera not only solves the problem of traditional cameras losing color information due to infrared fill light, but also solves the difficulty of starlight cameras due to insufficient ambient light at night and excessive screen noise.

However, black light technology does not mean that the camera can be in a completely light-free environment clear imaging. The sensor also needs light in order to capture the color. Therefore, the S22 and S30 are also equipped with two fill lights, infrared and white light. Clear color night vision can be captured even in complete darkness.

To sum up, the black light camera is the best night vision feature of the current cameras. It improves the clarity of night surveillance and enhances the protection level. But because it has two sensors, and two fill lights. Therefore, the price will also be more expensive than the starlight camera. You can buy it according to your needs.

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