security camera used without a router

Can you use a security camera without a router?

"Can I install a camera where there is no WIFI coverage?"
"What kind of security camera system can work without a router?"
If you have such a problem please read this article.

Can I use the security camera without connecting to WIFI or a router?

The answer is yes! The following describes how to use different cameras without connecting to the network. 

IP camera used alone without a router

The original intention of such an IP camera is to be used online, but abandoning some functions can meet the needs of some people in some cases. You need to find an IP camera that supports AP hotspot and local SD card storage. 

When you are close to the IP camera, you can use your mobile phone to directly connect to the security camera through the AP hotspot, watch live broadcast, view playback, etc., provided that you insert an SD card to ensure that the video can be saved, of course, you can also remove the SD card to read the video . Saferexpert's IP cameras all have this function, and the disadvantages of this solution are also obvious. You can't receive mobile notifications, you can't save videos to the cloud, and you can't view videos remotely. The advantage is that you can not miss any important events. You don’t need a network, you only need to power on, and you can use the IP camera without a network.

NVR system without a router

Saferexpert's NVR system is divided into the host with a display screen and the host without a display screen. They can all be used without internet.
The IP camera and the main unit automatically match the wireless connection and do not need a network. If the main unit has a display screen, it is very simple. After power on, you can perform any operation, including viewing live broadcast, playback, camera setting control and so on. Some of our NVR systems can even pass two-way voice directly through the host. If the host does not have a display, you need to connect the host to your own configured display through VGA or HDMI. Our NVR system has such an interface, and then it can be used normally. Similarly, you cannot receive mobile notifications and remotes without connecting to the Internet.

4G Security Camera

A 4G camera is a very good solution. It only needs a 4G card to solve all the problems. The disadvantage is that 4G cameras are more expensive and need to pay for the data plan.

Which kind of scheme do you prefer? Which products can achieve the above-mentioned use without network? Let me recommend a few of them.

1.Saferexpert Wireless 30× Optical Zoom Outdoor Smart Security Spherical Camera Q8

2.Saferexpert WIFI AI Wireless 8CH NVR Kit With 10-inch LCD Screen - SCN1

3.Saferexpert Solar Wireless Outdoor Smart Security Camera R1

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