What is NVR IP Camera System?

What is NVR IP Camera System?

NVR is Network Video Recorder, which can cooperate with IP Camera to realize the integrated functions of monitoring signal access, distribution, browsing, recording, playback, management, etc. based on IP network. Combined with IP front-ends such as network cameras and video encoders, NVR can provide all-IP video surveillance solutions. Users only need to use the existing network to complete the rapid deployment of the entire system, and can perform real-time on any target at any time and any place Monitoring and management. The video on the NVR is encoded and processed on the camera, and then streamed to the NVR for storage or remote viewing. Additional processing can be done on the NVR, such as further compression or tagging with metadata. NVR home monitoring systems are usually wireless, are often easy to set up, can be accessed through a web browser, and allow users to receive email notifications when an alarm is triggered. 


Video and storage function: When the NVR and IP Camera work together, it will store the photos recorded and transferred by the camera, or use the external interface to store to an external device.

Playback and backup: If something happens and you need to view the screen recorded by the camera, the NVR can provide the function of video playback. And provide multi-channel playback function, so that you can fully understand the situation at that time. It also provides a video backup function. You can back up important videos via the network or an external hard drive.



The main advantage of NVR is to use the network for work. Therefore, in the NVR system, the monitoring point can be deployed quickly without being restricted by region. The NVR only needs to connect a network cable to complete the wiring, and access all cameras to complete the transmission of the monitoring picture. The NVR is built on the network and transmits through the network, avoiding external interference problems, and can fully guarantee the quality of real-time browsing and storing images.



Because of its simple wiring and flexible operation, NVR can be applied in many places. Work with 4CH IP Camera, 8CH IP Camera, or more cameras to manage video playback and storage in NVR, which can easily manage many large buildings. If the camera itself has a motion detection function, your mobile phone will receive push notifications in time, and you can monitor what's happening in real time on your mobile phone and take actions in time. Therefore, it can be used in villas, offices, factories, farms and other places to avoid property loss.

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