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What Knowledge You Must Know About Installing Security Camera (part 1)

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1. Installation location requirements

In order to enable the camera to avoid the interference of the surrounding environment, to achieve a better photo and survival effect. When installing in an indoor environment, we must ensure that the height of the equipment is not less than 2.5 meters as much as possible, and in an outdoor environment, we must also place the monitoring equipment at a height of 3.5 meters or more from the ground. Otherwise, whether it is from the camera self-protection or equipment monitoring point of view, it will have a lot of negative effects. Only after considering these most basic issues, angle is the factor we need to consider.

2. mounting angle

For ordinary cameras without wide dynamic function, avoid direct light source and do not install against light. Of course saferexpert's security camera with digital wide dynamic function can adapt to backlight shooting,this does not mean that the camera can continue to complete its work in a strong light environment. Because under the shining of strong light, the direct strong light can easily make it difficult for the camera to locate the accurate image normally, and eventually cause the color filter on the sensor chip to be permanently discolored, causing the camera to appear streaks in the surveillance image.

During the installation of surveillance cameras must be firmly fixed to prevent judder. For the wall, you can use an impact drill to drill the hole, plug the plug, and then use the self-tapping thread to fix the bracket on the wall. For the ceiling, you can put a wooden block on the top, let the self-tapping thread pass through the ceiling and screw into the wooden block.

3. Electricity safety

Surveillance cameras need to be powered separately. You should also pay attention to safety when connecting strong currents. Use a multimeter and a test pen to test first to ensure that the power is turned off before connecting to the power. There is also an outdoor surveillance camera installed. Waterproof treatment, it is best to buy a network surveillance camera equipped with a waterproof tail cable. In addition, a small waterproof box can be installed under the surveillance camera, and the power supply and connectors can be placed in the waterproof box.

You can also choose solar wireless security cameras in saferexpert, which can achieve 24/7 monitoring without connecting any wires. And saferexpert's indoor or outdoor cameras usually support WIFI or 4G network, which can avoid the trouble of arranging network cables and is very convenient to install.

4. Demand for lighting environment

Low-light cameras can make up for the fatal shortcomings of the "night blindness" of the security surveillance industry and become one of the hottest technological breakthroughs in the security circle. According to statistics, nearly 70% of crimes occur at night. If many places such as roads, warehouses, and the wild cannot be monitored at night, the personal and financial security of cities and towns will only be in a shadow. The method of supplementary light shooting has been established for a long time, but the problems of "light pollution", "energy waste", and "blind spots" have always been the pain points of night monitoring.

The saferexpert low-light camera is a camera that can display clear color images in a low-light environment where there is almost only starlight and without any auxiliary light source. The low-light level illuminance is about 0.01 Lux to 0.001 Lux, and the illuminance on a sunny and moonlit night is about 0.1 to 0.01 Lux.

Low-light night vision security camera

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