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What You Have to Know About Night Vision in Security Cameras.

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The peak period of crime is usually at night, and the night vision capability of a camera determines its work efficiency at night.

So the night vision function of the security camera is what you have to pay attention to. I will give you a comprehensive understanding of the night vision function of the security camera in the following article.

The difference between black and white and color night vision

The most intuitive performance is that one is a color image and the other is a black and white image. Obviously it will not be that simple.

Black and white night vision cameras have built-in infrared lights and only use infrared light for imaging, so you can only get black and white images. The disadvantage of black and white night vision is that it is not friendly to the details of the object. Because there is no color distinction, it can only capture the subject better. Of course, black and white night vision has its advantages. It is generally clearer than color night vision, because it needs to deal with less light factors and so on than color night vision, and it will take up less memory. Since infrared light is invisible, it will not have conspicuous light and will not cause light pollution. So black-and-white night vision cameras are suitable for indoor installation.

Almost all color night vision cameras are equipped with infrared light and white light at the same time, so you can switch between color night vision and black and white night vision at will. The advantage of color night vision is that it can clearly capture details such as human faces and license plate numbers. As mentioned earlier, color night vision needs to deal with more light factors, so the performance requirements of the camera are higher. Inferior color night vision is not as good as black and white night vision. You will get a lot of noise and no penetrating picture. What I mean is that color night vision is better than black and white night vision, provided that you choose a color night vision camera with good performance. Outdoor cameras are highly recommended to be equipped with color night vision.

What factors determine the night vision of the camera?

1. The sensitivity of the image sensor determines how low the illumination the security camera can get a clear image. If you want to get a very good night vision effect, it is recommended to choose a black light level image sensor. A clear image can be obtained in 0.0005Lux illumination.

2. The power of the infrared lamp and the light supplement ability of the white light lamp. In a dark environment, the camera relies on the light reflected by the object to image. A high-power and good-performance infrared lamp can be better. Of course, if you need a colored image white light lamp is indispensable.

3.High-performance ISP chip. The post-processing of the image is very complicated, especially for color images. If there is no good ISP, the color image obtained by the camera will have a lot of noise, and a lot of dark areas, or highlights. This experience is very bad, so this is also a key factor for color night vision.

How to choose a good night vision camera?

Although the main points of night vision of the camera are explained in detail above, it is not easy for novices to figure out these. So it is best to ask all the questions mentioned above clearly. The simple way is to ask for a real shot picture when buying a camera.

The best outdoor color night vision 100% wireless camera selection in 2021.

Saferexpert 100% Wireless Solar Outdoor Super Night Vision Black Light Security Camera S30

  • Excellent color night vision: Black-light CMOS image sensor + high performance ISP + high performance infrared light and white light.
  • 100% wireless system, no network cable, no wire, no need to charge.
  • Full-year battery life, equipped with a 1500mAh battery and a 3.5w solar panel, it is always protecting your safety without charging.

Outdoor day and night real shooting effect


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