Saferexpert NVR wireless plug and use IP security camera.

What Knowledge You Must Know about Installing Security Camera (part 2)

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1. Interference of signal wires and wires

For wired video signals, the same direction transmission of signal lines and high-power wires is undoubtedly a big taboo in the wiring process, not to mention the two in the same transmission line pipe for the convenience of construction.
Even if restricted by the environment, if it is impossible to separate the two, the separation distance of at least half a meter must be ensured. Only this kind of planning can better avoid the influence of strong magnetic interference on video transmission, and for devices that use wireless signal transmission, although there are fewer restrictions on the line.
However, the camera itself must avoid surrounding sources of strong magnetic interference.

2.Installation of equipment accessories

To make the installation position of the camera PTZ, rack and other equipment meet the design requirements, the installation should be stable and firm, easy to operate and maintain. In places where the temperature is particularly low, we need to install a protective cover or temperature control device for the camera.

3.How many GB does a 2 megapixel camera need in a day?

2 million pixels is also 1080P. If the H.264 compression standard is adopted, a bit stream of 4~6MB per second is sufficient. For this calculation, 42GB~63GB per day; but now saferexpert uses the H.265 compression standard That is to say, 2~4MB stream can store 2 million pixel devices. If you calculate this way, 21GB~42GB per day, the key depends on your stream setting.

4. What is the encoder?

There are two encoding standards supported by IPC and NVR: H.264 and H.265. The latter is a new-generation encoding standard that can compress the video size to half of the former without losing image quality. In the case of the same bandwidth, H.265 can transmit more high-definition video.


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