5 Ways to Find Hidden Cameras

5 Ways to Find Hidden Cameras

If you search on Google, you will find that many people have recorded that they have found hidden cameras in hotels or Airbnb accommodations. The cameras are getting smaller and smaller, and designers will use a variety of techniques to let them blend into the surrounding environment. They will be installed in alarm clocks, TVs, sockets, picture frames, vases, and record everything you do. This is so scary, right? So how can we find these cameras and protect ourselves?
First, when you enter the room, you need to observe the entire room very carefully. When you know what you are looking for, there will be some obvious clues for you to find them. If you find the arrangement of gadgets in the room strange, you must be extra vigilant. Look at the socket or vase, if there are some embarrassing points, or inappropriate places. Those sudden bumps are likely to be cameras.

Second, turn off the lights in the room to check. Usually lenses are made of glass, which means they will reflect light when illuminated, even with wireless cameras. If you have any cameras in your room, the glass lens will reflect the light back. Therefore, you need to turn off the light, turn on the flashlight of your phone, and slowly illuminate any place you think is suspicious. Move slowly so that you can thoroughly see any slight reflections.
Third, use the mobile app to find it. There are many apps to find WiFi cameras. As long as you open the app and connect your phone to the hotel’s WiFi, you can search for cameras connected to the hotel’s WiFi. But this method is not suitable for detecting cameras using wired networks.
Then, buy radio frequency detectors. RF detectors are a good way to detect things that are invisible to the naked eye. You can buy them in electronics stores or on Amazon. Scan the room with an RF detector and listen to feedback. If a camera emits radio waves, they will be sensed by the detector. The detector will make a sound, and you will find it if you look carefully. Of course, when using a radio frequency detector, turn off any equipment that may emit radio waves.
Finally, there are many anti-spy camera detectors, and this product is also available on our Saferexpert website. Just turn on the switch and use the search window to search the room. If you see a red dot through the search window, it is the hidden camera lens, so be careful. Very practical and portable. If you need to stay in a hotel often, this detector is something you must have.
As cameras get smaller and smaller, there may be more and more hidden cameras. With this knowledge, you can protect yourself while staying in a hotel.

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